Aspirin® nėštumo metu

Introduction During pregnancy, headaches and aching limbs are more frequent due to the hormonal changes. As a result, the most commonly used painkiller in Germany is often taken: Aspirin®. Particularly during pregnancy, it is important to ensure that the correct dosage is taken. The active ingredient acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) contained in Aspirin has a dose-dependent … Skaityti daugiau

Ar Aspirin® padidina persileidimo riziką? | Aspirin® nėštumo metu

Does Aspirin® increase the risk of miscarriage? Taking Aspirin® has no effect on the risk of miscarriage. On the contrary, Aspirin® is often used in low doses to reduce the risk of repeated spontaneous miscarriages. The mechanism and effectiveness are still being investigated. However, long-term use of Aspirin® increases the risk of developmental disorder of … Skaityti daugiau